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Spaceballs: The 25th Anniversary Edition Details and Trailer

If You like movies from a Galaxy Far Far Away, movies that explore the final frontiers and with aliens encounters, then you’ll love the Mel Brooks’s classic that celebrates them all. We have the special trailer for the classic film … Continue reading

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*NEW Taken 2 Trailer #2

Today we have a brand new trailer for the upcoming “Taken” sequel, starring Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen. Check it out!!When the father of one of the kidnappers swears revenge and takes Bryan Mills (Neeson) and his wife … Continue reading

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Fan Film Corner: Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday

“Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday” by Bean Dip Productions is This Week’s selection of Fan Film Corner.LOWDOWN:Marvel’s popular crimson assassin has been hired to kill a specific target, kill the man, get the cash. The problem is, he’s not the only … Continue reading

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STARSHIP TROOPERS the 1959 political sci-fi novel turned cult/blockbuster film is about to get a fourth film installment.STARSHIP TROOPERS: INVASION is a “direct” sequel to Paul Verhoeven‘s 1997 film, completely ignoring SST2: Hero of the Federation and SST3: Marauder. INVASION is … Continue reading

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Game Review: "Slender"

“Slender” is a free indie-developed psychological horror/survival horror video game released in June 2012 for PC and Mac. The game is based on horror creepypasta, the Slender Man.LOWDOWN:Lost in the forest, you seek out the lost 8 pages of the … Continue reading

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*New Silent Hill Revelation 3D Trailer

Open Road Films and Sony Pictures has just released the trailer for “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D”, the upcoming sequel to 2006’s epic horror film “Silent Hill”.Based on the groundbreaking video game franchise, SILENT HILL: REVELATION 3D is the sequel to … Continue reading

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*New "Cloud Atlas" Trailer

A First Look Trailer has been released for the upcoming epic Sci-Fi Film from the creators of the Matrix Trilogy “Cloud Atlas” starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry. Cloud Atlas is an upcoming science fiction film written and directed by … Continue reading

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