╬D Recommendation: "RUIN"

The EPIC Scifi Short Film “Ruin”, is this week’s selection for ╬D Recommendation.

I found this Sci Fi short by accident while journeying my way through the youtube universe and I have to say that “Ruin” is a fantastic short sci fi film directed by Wes Ball.

The movie is just 8 1/2 minutes long but is totally stunning both with its rich post-apocalyptic scenery and its action packed sequences.

Reminiscent of some of the other great sci fi shorts that I have featured previously (see related articles below) Ruin is absolutely top-notch not only with its dazzling creative vision but also with its captivating, breath-taking execution: this short needs to be a feature film!

Wes Ball is a (clearly very talented) graphics designer who has been working on Ruin at Oddball Animation for the last two years. I am very much looking forward to seeing what his current project – In Search of Humans, is going to look like when it is finished.

THR’s Heat Vision reports that 20th Century Fox is in negotiations to pre-emptively pick up the movie rights to Ruin and the “pitch to turn it into a live-action movie.” Apparently the project is being developed at McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision, under the supervision of Steve Tzirlin, a Lucasfilm exec behind Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Let’s hope this is truly in the best hands, as we all we want this thing to turn out excellent.

“Ruin” is set in a post-apocalyptic overgrown, green future world, and has a Terminator vibe with a lengthy motorcycle chase. According to THR’s news, the Ruin feature will be made live-action. Ball is attached to direct and will co-write the script with T.S. Nowlin. Wes Ball is a graphics designer who made the short on his own time doing his own animation. THR says that Fox “brought the project before other studios” before meeting Ball, but “sees the property as having franchise potential” which is why they’re jumping on it. As much as I love hearing great news about filmmakers getting their break, I’m a bit hesitant about the story and what this will be about, but I’m certainly curious and very excited to see anyway. So what do you think?

-Brian Lansangan
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