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Fan Film Corner: Half-Life: Singularity Collapse

The Eye-Popping Fan Film Epic, Half-Life: Singularity Collapse is this week’s selection for Fan Film Corner LOWDOWN:The story follows a Citizen who has its apartment raided by Civil Protection and wife killed. He wakes up in a Memory Replacementdevice, and … Continue reading

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"Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes" 10 Minutes of Footage

The Ninth Entry in the Metal Gear Solid Series: “MGS: Ground Zeroes” was announced at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo with 10 minutes of footage and will be the first to have an open world gameplay structure.The Stealth Action Game was … Continue reading

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Tickle Your Pickle: Assassin’s Creed Vs Prince of Persia

This Week’s selection of ╬D Recommendation is an epic action packed animation video by Suwedi Animation starring AC’s Altair and POP’s Prince.  I stumbled upon this video while scrolling through the internet displaying a great display of Hand to Hand Combat … Continue reading

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*NEW Metal Gear: Revengeance Trailer

Konami released the latest trailer of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance at this past Gamescom, its pretty much like the trailer they released at E3 but with a little bonus thrown in.Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is an upcoming action video game … Continue reading

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*NEW Injustice: Gods Among us "catwoman" trailer

Warner Brothers and NetherRealm studios has released yet another trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us and it features another new character: Catwoman!!The game is said to have a pretty big roster, up to 30 playable characters to be exact and … Continue reading

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Character Spotlight: Marcus Fenix

Marcus Fenix, the leader of Delta Squad and main protagonist of the Gears of War series is this week’s selection for Character Spotlight.Marcus Fenix (voiced by John DiMaggio, is the main protagonist of the series. Marcus led a promising military career during … Continue reading

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Half-Life 3… Unofficially-Officially Confirmed?

Looks like the folks at GAMESCOM accidentally or intentionally announced Valves sequel to its flagship series Half-Life 3. Weather or not this is a fluke is yet to be known. All is known is that the PDF is still live … Continue reading

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