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RETRO WEEKEND: The Legend of Zelda

Ahhhh Memories. From Plumbers to Elves. On this RETRO WEEKEND we’ll be reviewing a classic game we all know and love The Legend of Zelda! Created by mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto, it was first released in 1986 on the Famicoms disk … Continue reading

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Goodbye Nintendo Power!

Yep you read it our favorite magazine growing up as a kid is going to be gone forever. On August 21, 2012, Nintendo announced that they would not be renewing their licensing agreement with Future Publishing, and that Nintendo Power … Continue reading

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Tickle Your Pickle: Eric Calderone aka 331Erock

The great and talented Eric Calderone aka 331Erock from Youtube, is this week’s feature on Tickle Your Pickle. And this is a MUST WATCH!BIO:Eric Calderone aka 33Erock started playing guitar seriously around 2001 and ever since never stopped playing. Eric … Continue reading

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Tickle Your Pickle: Assassin’s Creed Vs Prince of Persia

This Week’s selection of ╬D Recommendation is an epic action packed animation video by Suwedi Animation starring AC’s Altair and POP’s Prince.  I stumbled upon this video while scrolling through the internet displaying a great display of Hand to Hand Combat … Continue reading

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Half-Life 3… Unofficially-Officially Confirmed?

Looks like the folks at GAMESCOM accidentally or intentionally announced Valves sequel to its flagship series Half-Life 3. Weather or not this is a fluke is yet to be known. All is known is that the PDF is still live … Continue reading

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RETRO WEEKEND: NES Super Mario Bros. Review

Mamma mia it’sa the first Retro Weekend review and what a better way to kick off this section then to start with the game that revolutionized and paved way for the gaming we all know and love today. Super Mario … Continue reading

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For those of you who aren’t aware, Cheetahmen II is a horrid but beloved sequel to the original found on ACTION 52 for the NES. The sequel was never completed or officially released. But in 1996 roughly 1,500 cartridges were … Continue reading

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